Sending emails to your audience just got easier.

We create awesome, on brand campaigns that convert.

The Average Email Marketing ROI is
$36 for every $1 spent.

Email marketing is one of the oldest but most effective forms of digital marketing. With revenue from email marketing projected to hit $11 billion in 2023, small businesses who aren’t sending emails are missing out on a major revenue stream for growth. According to Hubspot, 37% of brands are increasing their email budget in 2023, and just 1.7% are making cuts. 

Will your business choose to maximize revenue and boost profits with the help of email marketing this year?

"But email is so spammy these days!"

Just because some brands are spammy doesn't mean you can't provide real value to your list.

Our philosophy on email marketing is to lead with value. When you provide value to your audience through email, you create loyal fans of your brand who will be excited to open what you send.

All of our clients have above benchmark open rates, and our average client open rate is 52%.

How do we do it? By building a list of people who actually care about your product or services you offer and delivering them valuable email content that never feels spammy, time and time again.

Services We Offer

Nurture Sequences

Did you know it takes - on average - 8 touches for a lead on your email list to actually convert? If you're leaving leads on the table, you're probably losing out. The good news is that you can nurture these leads with ZERO effort with an automated drip campaign.


Remind your audience of all the amazing things you're doing out there in the world! A monthly or bi-monthly newsletter is the perfect way to illustrate your impact and build brand awareness. You can even share news articles or tips and tricks to add value for your audience.

Marketing Campaigns

Your email list is one of the best places to SELL! Keep in touch with your list by sharing new product launches, exciting events, and details about the best features of your service or product. Emails are the best way to motivate your customers to buy without breaking the bank.

Apps & Email Builders We Love

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re aware that some social media agencies outsource work outside of the country in order to reduce costs. We believe in people over profit and are proud to reject this way of doing business. All content is currently written in house or with the assistance of contractors who we know in real life. Most work is personally completed by our founders, Miller and Sunny, who are dedicated to providing high quality, brand forward content for our clients.

For most clients, coming up with ideas for email campaigns can be daunting. Our services start at the point of ideating the perfect campaigns for your business. We’ll work with you to determine a solid plan for what you’d like to promote. Then, we’ll work together to ensure that our ideas match with your vision for what your campaigns should look like.

We’re proud to have strong relationships with our clients. Our founder and CEO, Miller, is the main point of contact for every client at Bellflower Media and always will be. That means no jumping around between different account managers and project managers. Just streamlined support when you need it!

Our email pricing is based on your company’s unique needs. Reach out to chat with us about how we can best assist you!

In an effort to give our clients as much flexibility as possible, we offer reasonable cancellation terms based on your package type. Clients with a monthly newsletter can cancel any time by giving a 30 day notice to our team. For clients with an email package of more than 4 emails per month, a 60-day written notice is required due to demand for our services.

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